How to Travel from Malaga to Seville by Bus and What Can Go Wrong?

by Raya on a flying carpet

I have always wanted to discover beautiful places in Spain and one of the cities I really wanted to visit is, Seville. I have read that the Moorish influences are everywhere in town and I just love to see the old Arabic architecture. While I’m staying in Malaga, I might as well take a bus to Seville and explore the city.

Taking the bus to Seville

I have heard at my language school in Malaga that it is very easy and cheap to travel by bus to Seville. All I have to do is book a ticket online through the ALSA bus company (which is not easy, since the website is in Spanish) and go to the main bus station in Malaga. That is my goal for my first weekend in Malaga.

I wake up very confused and look at my phone. NO! I missed my alarm. It is already 10 AM and that is also the time of departure of the bus. While putting my dress on and some mascara, I quickly try to book another ticket for the next bus.

ALSA bus in Spain
Photo by Adrimarfer on Wikimedia Commons

Finding the right bus

Here I am again, at the same bus station on my first day of arrival in Malaga (read what happened in the article ‘An offline city map saved my life in Malaga’). I think 20 buses are standing, but which one is leaving for Seville? Usually, boards are hanging on the sealing, but no such thing here. I walk around and try to look on the windshield of the buses, but there are no signs. I enter the building and see a long line of people waiting at the desk to buy a ticket. But I don’t have time to wait, my bus is almost leaving.

My first trip with the bus from the airport and my second going to my language school didn’t go well, so I’d rather not ask the drivers. But I guess I have no choice. I search for the buses with a driver because some are empty and ask: “Seville?” But they all want to look at my reservation on the phone first and then tell me, no. Why don’t they directly say no and tell me where I have to be? I see a lot of people entering a bus at the end of the road; quickly I go and ask the bus driver that is busy checking all the tickets. Thank God, I’m in the right place.

On my way to Seville

The bus to Seville is comfortable and there is Wi-Fi onboard. I enjoy the views of the rough mountains, farms, and small white villages. The bus stops in different places to pick up more people on the way. Eventually, two hours later I find myself at the bus station in Seville. I made it! This city is truly beautiful. You can read all about it in my article ‘Seville: How to spend a few days in this unique city’.

Bus travel from Malaga to Seville

Nowadays you can book a ticket in English; the ALSA bus company has improved its website.

Have you ever traveled by bus somewhere? How did that go? Let me know in the comments below.

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