About me

by Raya on a flying carpet
About me

“A whole new world. A hundred thousand things to see. I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far. I can’t go back to where I used to be.”

The story of Aladdin is my inspiration ever since I was a little girl. A princess following her dreams and discovering the world through a flying carpet. ‘One day I will travel the world’, I said to myself!

I have always loved to travel and explore the world. One of the best things I like before going on a trip is to read about my destination and feed the fire inside of me through pictures. I read all kinds of websites and blogs, but I just need more information of someone with similar interests and similar cultural background. For example, I love to go to the movies when I’m abroad. If I’m in an Arabic speaking country than I have to go and see an Arabic movie. Or follow my dream and apply at a Spanish language school in Spain.

Other than that, my community and the community of the princess are kinda similar to each other. To a certain extend, they don’t accept women to travel on their own and explore the world. I just think that it’s a missed opportunity. You can discover who you are and learn so much from everything around you. Also, you will understand other people and the different cultures more. There are so many good things about traveling and I wish everyone can experience it!

I have many stories to tell, some of them arise while traveling with my family, some with my friends, and some solo.

Thus, I decided to start my blog so I can show you the world through my eyes.

Have fun!

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